Got Mud?

Hello Lovelies!

I have another review from Maple Holistics to share with you guys, they also sent me their Dead Sea Mud Mask which I’ve been using it all the time and absolutely loving.
Along with dead sea clay, it has lavender oil, sage, and green myrtle essential oils blended in, so it has quite the fresh earthy and herbal smell to it. The lavender stands out the most of the bunch, I think the oils do play a big part in the mask, because I’ve used other clay masks in the past, and none of them have helped my skin as much as this one.
I’ve always fought with broken out skin on my cheeks, and just after using this four or five times, I’ve seen a huge improvement. After the mask has dried all the way, you can see the spots where it’s sucked out excess oil in your pores which is pretty cool. I leave it on for around 45 mins, the directions say just to rinse it off after it dries completely, but I like to give it a big chunk of time to work it’s magic. And even though it has done wonders on taming my oily skin, it hasn’t overly dried my skin out, which is awesome. It comes in a big plastic tub, and I probably only use about 3 tablespoons for each mask, so this’ll last me a good while 🙂

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