#GlamVoxBox Haul #ChooseToSmooth

Good morning lovelies!

I think the Glam VoxBox is one of the best boxes I’ve ever received from Influenster, I’m excited to go over it with you!
It was packed with a ton of goodies, I got some Q-tip cotton rounds, some Venus razors and shaving cream, a trio of Shea Moisture samples, Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo, and some Cutex nail polish remover pads.
My favorite product is the dry shampoo, my go-to brand has been Herbal Essences Color Envy dry shampoo, but this has totally blown that out of the water.
I really like that it’s unscented, and it actually makes my hair feel clean instead of just chalky and dry.

The Cutex polish remover pads were pretty disappointing, it took forever to take off a plain creme mani, and I had to use two of my three packs :/ I wouldn’t buy these in the future.

The Venus duo is awesome, the shaving cream is actually purple and violet scented, and lathers up nicely. I’m not a fan of razors with moisture/lotion strips since they can just get in the way of the actual blades and make shaving slower, but these weren’t like that at all. I don’t think they actually moisturized my skin at all though, but the razor did it’s job well enough.

I love the moisturizer that came in this trio, it’s the best lotion I’ve used in ages, it’s a heavier cream, and that’s why I like it so much, it’s very moisturizing and has been amazing to use.
The facial mask seemed to just be a watery version of the lotion, but it was nice to use nonetheless. I didn’t much care for the facial scrub, I had to chase the scrubby beads around a fair bit to get anything out of using it, so I ended up using way more product than what should of have been necessary.

Pop by again sometime!

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