Exploring a witches castle

Hello Lovelies!

Last Thursday was my birthday, so me and the family hiked down to the Witch’s Castle in Portland for the occasion! I’d seen pictures of the building on Pinterest ages ago when I was on an abandoned building kick, and I found this post explaining the history behind the structure.
It was only a half mile hike down the trail, it had been raining all day (but what’s Portland without rain?), so it was a little tricky getting down there, I wore some loose bell bottom jeans on the hike and ended up with mud up to my ankles, haha.

The building was smaller than I expected, but totally worth the hike. The moss and ferns dripping off every surface made for some gorgeous pics.
The trees bordering the trail were all covered with moss head to toe, so I had to snap some pics of them too 🙂

There was one small room that you could walk into, even though it was only about twenty feet deep it was pitch black so I had to use my flash to get some pictures inside, the walls and ceiling were absolutely covered in colorful graffiti.

Thanks for the visit!

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