DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

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It’s been a hot minute since I whipped up a DIY beauty recipe. The minute I saw that Etude House had dropped a mint chocolate lip scrub I knew I wanted to try to make my own recipe. Keep reading to learn how to make your own batch of minty delicious lip scrub!

This only took me 5 minutes to mix up and will give your chapped lips some much needed loving through these cold windy days.

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub Recipe

Ingredients you will need:

Step One:

Melt the coconut oil by microwaving 30-60 seconds and then mix in your colorant and mint extract. Be sure to use the mint sparingly or you’ll end up with some very bracing scrub!

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

Step Two:

Mix in your sugar, cocoa, and exfoliant. I added ground raspberry seeds for some extra exfoliating, but this is purely optional. You could also swap the white sugar with brown sugar for a darker mixture.

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

Step Three:

Your scrub mixture should look something like this:

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

Feel free to add more sugar or coconut oil as needed to get the perfect consistency. The cold air this time of air loves to leave me with sore chapped lips; this scrub is going to be a lifesaver! I recommend refrigerating your mixture since this recipe does not include any preservatives.

I used an empty beauty sample jar to hold the mixture. Whatever you use, make sure it’s airtight!

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

Let me know if you give this DIY lip scrub a spin, I’d love to hear how it comes out! You could also swap out the mint extract for another scent you love. Vanilla, almond, chocolate, or strawberry, the possibilities are endless!

If you’re more in the mood for a full body scrub, check out my DIY Coffee Body Scrub here!

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