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I’ve always found wigs to be the hardest piece of a cosplay to put together, especially when you’re dealing with funky hairlines or multiple colors of hair. I cosplayed Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid at the last con I attended (Kumoricon), and I really wish I had put more thought into the wig I chose. I bought her wig from Amazon for around $30; it was decent considering the price, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied.

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I’ve decided to change up how I go about putting together a cosplay going forward. In the past, I’ve always created a costume with a specific con in mind, and set the date I needed it completed by hinging on the first day of con.

I’m throwing that mindset out the window, and even though it’s the dead of winter and the next con I want to attend isn’t until mid-spring, I’m going to make decisions now so that I can put the proper time into each piece.
 I have a talent for falling in love with characters with strange hair parts like Victor from Yuri On Ice above, and unless you buy a wig that was manufactured with a specific character in mind, it’s a huge pain in the neck to style a regular wig to have a part down to the hairline. 
 The other day while researching cosplay wigs, I ran across a type of wig I had never seen before, they’re called U-Part Wigs and the wig actually has a U shaped space where you can incorporate your own hair to create a more natural look. They’re in a higher price range than a typical wig, but I’m thinking they would be really useful for those tricky hairlines. 

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This wig is from Addcolo, they manufacture their wigs in-house and offer a ton of personalized options. For example on this blonde wig, you can specify the hair length, choose a left, right, or middle location for the U-Part, and even choose the hair strand density which is awesome for those really floofy characters like Sakura (Naruto) below. You can also choose your cap size which I love, finding the right size cap is an on-going battle for me since every brand has their own strange sizing.

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You can also specify the depth of the part, so for instance, if you were going for Nana you would want a very short opening for her style.

If you’ve never worn a U-Part (like me), here’s a handy video showing how they work, I found it pretty useful.

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I’d love to hear if anyone has worn or heard of this style before, drop me a comment!

This post was sponsored in part by Addcolo <3

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