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Hearts & Glass Perfect Kiss 0

Hearts & Glass Perfect Kiss

Morning all!I found this polish on clearance at Grocery Outlet, the brand is called Hearts & Glass, I love that the bottle is actually heart shaped! This shade is named Perfect Kiss, the finish...

Fairy Flower Crowns 0

Fairy Flower Crowns

Morning all!I’ve had this flower crown gathering dust on my polish cabinet for weeks, and god knows I’m never going to actually wear it, so to give it some well deserved attention, I whipped...

Cloudy Violet Fractals 0

Cloudy Violet Fractals

Morning!I felt like using a “fun” polish, so I brought out a thermal from BPS, but it was too cold to make the shift from purple to blue, so it ended up looking a ‘lil...

Geometric Glitter Tutorial 0

Geometric Glitter Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!I’ve pulled out one of my favorite polishes for today’s design, this is Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria, it’s a gorgeous sapphire blue glitter bomb, it’s like it was almost designed for...

Frosty Mint Geometric with BP-L008 0

Frosty Mint Geometric with BP-L008

Hello Lovelies!I just refreshed my nail shape, and I’m really loving the crisp corners of my coffins, but I keep snagging them on things 🙁 And I think I’ve gotten the swing of taking pics...

Essence Colour & Go you wow’d me again swatches 0

Essence Colour & Go you wow’d me again swatches

Hello Lovelies! I have a gorgeous duo-chrome for you today! This is two coats of Essence colour & go you wow’d me again. This is a really vibrant duo-chrome, it goes from a blueberry...

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