You’re hot then you’re cold-BPS Thermal Polish

Hello Lovelies!

I’m pretty excited to share this with you lovelies, today I’m swatching up my first thermal polish ever! Born Pretty recently sent me a box of goodies, and this is the one I was raring to try out first!
This is a bubblegum pink while warm, and a dark dusty grape while cold. I take my pictures outside because of lighting issues, and since it’s been freezing lately, my nails are covered in water in most of these pics because I had to snap pictures right after dunking my nails in a bowl of warm water. This first picture is sorta mid transition, my tips tend to go darker than the rest of the nail once it’s totally adjusted to my body temp.
It’s kinda funny, I work in a call center and knit while I take calls, and they’ve had the AC in the building cranked so I’m always freezing, but once I started knitting for a while my hands warmed up enough to change my polish color, haha!

mid transition
left warm and right cold w/stamping

I added some stamping after a couple days, I stamped in Color Club Pucci-Licious so most of the time it’s invisible, but if my nails are warm the stamping will peek out! It’s rather entertaining to watch them fade through different shades throughout the day 🙂


This is 104#, Born Pretty has a bunch of different thermal colors and I think four bucks a bottle is a great price, especially since they have free shipping too! Here’s the link if you wanna scope it out: 1Pc 6ml Temperature Change Colour Nail Polish Thermal Polish Fashion Multicolor Nail Polish and here’s a code for 10% off: ALBK31

left nails are warm, and right nails are cold

See you later~

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