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Yipes Stripes!

Hello Lovelies!

This Week’s theme in the Golden Oldie Thursday challenge is stripes! I haven’t done a colorful gradient for a while, and I’ve been sticking to my neutrals lately, so I grabbed some bright hues and started sponging!

All the polishes I used today are NYC in a new york color minute, I started with two coats of Robin’s Egg Blue for the base of my gradient. I used a sponge and Water Street Blue + MoMa to create my gradient, instead of heavily saturating my sponge with polish like I usually do, I went with a lighter hand so I ended up with this water color effect.
I used a striping brush and white acrylic paint for the stripes, I alternated the stripe directions on each nail to keep the pattern from looking repetitive.

Thanks for reading!

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