Wizard World Portland 2016

I was Wendy from Gravity Falls on Saturday

Good morning lovelies!

I’m so late on writing this up, I went to Wizard World back on the 18th, but I haven’t been able to edit the pictures I took up until now. I took a ton and a half at the cosplay contest Saturday night, but 3/4’s of them were horribly blurry, most of the contestants were on the stage for under 15 seconds so snapping a pic wasn’t easy. But I sifted through my camera roll, and picked out the very best to show you lovelies!

Tiger Lily from Pan

Arthur Darvill & Alex Kingston

 It’s a tossup on whether the James Marsters or John Barroman panel was my favorite, but to be honest, the other DW panels were boring to sit through, seeing Matt Smith irl was exciting but his answers to the Q&A weren’t too interesting.
John Barroman’s was a total blast, he’s a riot and was so hilarious to listen to.
James Marsters’ spoke mostly about his role as Spike, and it was great to hear tidbits on filming Buffy and Angel, he also sang a bit for us!

James Marsters

Rin & Sosuke -Free!

John Barroman

Matt Smith

Guardians of the Galaxy group

Fem Joker

Lady Deadpool

Ruby from RWBY and Luigi?

Black Lady- Sailor Moon

Pop by again tomorrow morning!

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