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Hello Lovelies!

Today’s theme in the 31DC2015 is film! I saved this picture ages ago, and it’s the perfect inspiration for today’s nails! I always thought the Stay Puft marshmallow man was cute in a creepy way, so I focused on the cute with these nails.
I started off with a base of Color Club Mad Batter, it’s an off white crelly with black hex and micro glitters. This is two coats, since my nails are so short I didn’t have to worry about my nail line showing, but if you have longer nails you’ll probably have to do three coats.

Mr. Stay Puft was mostly done with acrylics, the only polish I used on him was for his bow, e.l.f Smokin Hot. Oh and sorry for the weird brown smudges on the back of my fingers, I have some henna on at the moment.

Thanks for the visit!

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