At what age can you start wearing compression socks? Why I started at 22

At what age can you start wearing compression socks?

Today I want to talk about something a little bit different than my usual skincare and beauty ramblings. VIM & VIGR kindly gifted me a pair of their Compression Socks and I found out that there is a surprising amount of benefits to throwing on a simple pair of socks!

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What age can you start wearing compression socks?

I had a picked up a preconception that only people with diagnosed medical issues wear these, but I was surprised to find out they actually have a lot of benefits for the run of the mill person who has to stand or sit for extended periods of time either because of work or while working out.

Whenever I’ve seen compression socks at the store or online they’re also usually rather ugly whereas these actually look nice enough to show off with ankle boots or a short skirt or dress.

VIM & VIGR has a ton of cute & quirky sock designs, the ones I’m wearing below are the Juliet Floral Midnight & Gold design.

Floral Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

VIM & VIGR has a ton of cute & quirky compression sock designs, the ones I’m wearing are the Juliet Floral Midnight & Gold design. 

Wearing Compression Socks at the Office

I’ve worked at my desk job for almost 4 years now and recently switched to working at home; but that still means I’m sitting for 10+ hours a day. I love working at home but being cooped up in a chair for an entire work shift can be very uncomfortable. When I read that studies have shown that wearing compression socks like these can greatly reduce achy legs and general discomfort from being jammed behind a desk all day I decided to give them a whirl. I’m usually feeling achy and stiff by the end of the day; after a few days of wearing these socks while working I can tell a big difference!

Multiple studies have also shown that wearing graduated compression socks while sitting for over 3 hours at a time greatly reduces the risk of DVT blood clots. Blood clots run in my family and while I’ve never personally had issues with them it’s nice to know that something simple like throwing on a pair of socks can prevent such a nasty health issue.

Even on my days off I’m still sitting quite a bit while I work on my website and catching up on emails and wearing these socks has made a huge difference for me. It takes a bit to get used to the snug feel of the socks if you’ve never worn compression socks before but I find them very comfortable. I’m definitely going to be getting a few more pairs to wear while I work on the computer.

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