Wet n Wild Prep & Prime Set review

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On my quest for cheap Christmas beauty clearance-ness, I found this Wet n Wild set that I’d never seen before. No it wasn’t on sale, but it was the next to last one and looked like something they’d just have for the holidays, so I took a gamble on it.

I got this from Walgreens for 4.99, it comes with Coverall Primer and a Coverall Correcting Palette. The primer is in a little plastic tube with a screw off lid, and it has a slightly thick lotion-esque consistency. It dries pretty fast after you put it on, it didn’t seem to do much for fine lines or reducing pore size, but it gave my skin a semi-matte finish and smoothed out my complexion. My foundation went on smoother while using this which was the main thing I wanted out of it, and it stayed put as well.

The color correcting palette comes in a hard plastic case with a screw off lid, on the back of the container it says which colors to use for what (green for covering redness, yellow for purple, etc) which I found very helpful. I used my fingers for this since it comes out as a cream and dries to a powder finish on the skin. I was happy with all the shades except the white. The white one has a very shimmery almost glittery finish that I didn’t care for, a little shimmer is ok but not this much! The packaging says to use it as a highlighter but I think it’s a tad strong for that, maybe as a brow bone highlight? Anyways, this did help balance out some of the redness on my face, and the yellow is great for dark circles. The one con of this is if you have really dry skin it does highlight that, but if you moisturizer before starting your makeup routine it’ll be fine.

This is a great duo for the price, I recommend picking it up!

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