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Very superstitious, writings on the wall

Hello Lovelies!

Ok first off, this is the first time in two years I’ve actually done a mani for the Friday the 13th, somehow I always miss it, and then two days after I’ll go, crap I did it again! But I finally pulled it off today, so half of the happiness I’m feeling from these nails is just from that 🙂
I went with a smattering of superstitious/unlucky things, a shattered mirror on my pinkie, a folding ladder on my ring, a black cat on my middle, an open umbrella on my index (since people think opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck), and a big 13 on my thumb!

I started with a base of Ciate Paper Doll, freehanded the designs with Sinful Colors Black On Black, stamped the shattered glass with SH22 and the same SC polish. And then I topped it all of with NYC Matte Me Crazy!

Thanks for the visit!

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