Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Hello Lovelies!

I was very into Vincent Van Gogh when I was around 12, I had coloring books, art books, a Starry Night blanket, and I still have a framed print of Starry Night over my bed. I’ve done nail art inspired by him before, once in 2012 and also two years ago, and I’ve really improved since then! I love going back and comparing similar designs I’ve done in the past with my current work, it’s always encouraging to see how much I’ve improved.
Born Pretty sent me some sunflower water decals, and that’s what sparked these nails, since so many of Van Gogh’s paintings had sunflowers.
I painted the cypress tree from Starry Night on my middle nail, tried to do the┬áChurch at Auvers on my ring nail but it didn’t come out that well, and on my thumb I painted a simplified version of Starlight Over the Rhone.

These decals were wide enough for my nails (yay), I guess I have wide nail beds because I’m constantly having problems with stickers and decals not being big enough. I’ve worn them for two days so far and no chipping or flaking, they seem to be holding up great! Here’s their link: 1pc Sunflower Water Decals Charming Nail Art Transfer Stickers, and┬áthis code is good for 10% off: ALBK31

See you later~

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