Vampy Velvet

Hello Lovelies!

Instagram has been flooded with dark vampy “velvet” nails, and I just love the look of matte dark nails, so I broke out my matte topcoat for the first time in ages! I should really try out some different brands of matte topcoat, I’ve been using Wet n Wild’s incarnation for ages, and the only other one I’ve used is NYC Matte Me Crazy. I’m very fond of the extremely matte finish, almost chalkboard, and Wet n Wild just hasn’t been cutting it lately.

left is the natural finish, no topcoat, right is with matte topcoat

This is OPI Viking In A Vinder Vonderland from the Nordic Collection, I haven’t worn this one in forever. I’ve got two coats with matte topcoat, I snapped a pic while they were still shiny since my last swatch post with this polish had horrible quality pictures.

See you later~

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