Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask by Valentia

Hello Lovelies!

Today I’m testing out the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask that I was sent by Valentia! It’s a lot like the Oz Naturals Amino Herbal Mask that I tried out awhile back, but better~
The mask is a peachy orange jelly mixture, it actually jiggles in the container just like jello, haha. It’s made of a ton of lovely stuff, aloe vera, green tea, oats, dandelion, and lots more! Just by looking at the ingredients I can tell this is a great mixture for soothing skin, and it’s moisturizing to boot! Horsetail is in there too which interested me, I hadn’t stumbled upon that in the skincare world before. I found out that horsetail is anti-inflammatory which makes this great for irritated skin as well.
I use this after cleansing and leave the mask on for 20 mins, then rinse it off. It dried during that time which made me think it might not be that great of a moisturizer, but when I rinsed it off and “re-activated” it, my skin felt super soft and moisturized. This’ll be great to use after clay masks, they always dry out the skin, and this’ll be just the thing to quench that!

See you later~

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