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Tut tut it looks like rain


We’re in the decades portion of the Llama nails time periods challenge! Today’s theme is the roaring 20s! I had a feeling absolutely everyone was going to do Great Gatsby nails, so I went in a totally different direction. It turns out the first Winnie The Pooh book was published in 1922 and I love the old illustrations.

This is one of my favorite of his adventures, I painted Pooh hanging from the “raincloud” on my thumb, and the suspicious bees on the rest of my fingers. I used a very thin detail brush for all the details.

I’m excited about the upcoming challenge days, I have a great idea for the 50s!

Here’s the polishes I used:

N.Y.C in a new York minute grand central station,
N.Y.C cashmere crème,
Wet n wild fastdry ebony hates chris,
Klean Color pastel teal,
Essence colour & go little miss sunrise,
and a detail brush.

Thanks for looking!

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