Top 5 Moisturizers & Serums for Sensitive Skin

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I’ve amassed quite the collection of lotions and potions, so I thought I’d narrow it down and reveal my top picks for sensitive skin like mine!

1. Jojoba Oil
I’ve been using it nightly in place of the usual plethora of moisturizers, and I think it’s actually helping clear up my skin along with being super moisturizing. It soaks into my skin fast, doesn’t feel gross or oily, and it doesn’t have a strong scent like argan oil.

2. Anaiti
I have sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts, so I was a little iffy since there’s shea butter in this, but it has played very nicely with my skin! A little goes a long way, a penny sized dollop is enough for my whole face, and is soaks in fast. It’s very moisturizing, without being greasy; usually heavy creams leave a residue on the skin after sinking in.

2. Art Naturals Anti-Acne Serum
This serum is pretty amazing, usually when something claims it will help clear up acne, I never get definite results, but this has really helped to clear up my skin! I’ve always had clogged pores and blemishes galore on my cheeks and chin, and after I added this to my nightly routine they started to clear! The dropper is nice, I always like them because they keep gook from getting into my products and you can easily control how much you want to use each time. It has a super faint scent, just a little citrus-y.

4. Cloud 9
This one really helped calm down my skin after a horrible experience with Biotin. This actually clears acne fast along with being super gentle and moisturizing, it has a ton of great ingridients to back it up.

5. Yalmeh
First off, I love this packaging, the clear layer encasing the lotion is neat! The lotion itself is super “fluffy” and whipped almost like a mousse. The description says it helps clear up acne, it hasn’t helped at all in that area, but it is super moisturizing and feels nice on my skin, and not greasy. It absorbs in a reasonable amount of time and doesn’t leave any residues behind.

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