The Top 11 DIY Skincare Books for Skincare Lovers

I love cooking + I love skincare so it’s a no brainer that DIY skincare books with detailed recipes are my jam. You can find countless recipes for free on the internet but I really wanted to get my hands on some flesh and blood DIY skincare books!

The Top 11 DIY Skincare Books for Skincare Lovers

Here are 10 of the most helpful DIY skincare books out there:

  • Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber
  • Plant-Powered Beauty by Amy Galper
  • 100 Organic Skincare Recipes by Jessica Ress
  • Pure Skincare by Stephanie L. Tourles
  • 101 DIY Face Masks by Jennifer McCartney
  • Natural Beauty Skin Care by Deborah Burnes
  • Homemade Organic Skin & Body Care by Carmen Reeves
  • Fresh & Pure by Jules Aron
  • A DIY Guide to Therapeutic Body and Skin Care Recipes by Alynda Carol
  • 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty by Shannon Buck

Now let’s dive deeper into these DIY skincare guides and see which “recipe book” is perfect for you! If you want to add one (or two) of these titles to your skincare library you can click on the cover of each book to get more information on pricing and reviews from other skincare junkies.

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Hello Glow: 150+ Easy Natural Beauty Recipes for a Fresh New You by Stephanie Gerber

Stephanie Gerber founded (est. 2011) where DIY skincare and beauty recipes abound. This 150+ recipe book has guides on how to make everything from toners, moisturizers, face masks, and more!

It also includes some DIY hair care and cosmetic recipes. The silky avocado eye cream recipe sounds very tempting~ This is available in Kindle format and hardcover.

Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients by Amy Galper

Beauty experts Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault explain how to deconstruct beauty labels, analyze ingredients lists, and make informed choices about the products they use in each recipe.

You’ll find 50+ easy-to-follow recipes to make your own plant-based skincare/beauty products. This is available in Kindle format and paperback.

100 Organic Skincare Recipes: Make Your Own Fresh and Fabulous Organic Beauty Products  by Jessica Ress

100 Organic Skincare Recipes gives you the tools and knowledge to mix up your own skincare products right at home! Whether you have sensitive skin or you’re in the process of switching to a natural beauty routine, these step-by-step recipes will teach you how to use oils, herbs, and other easy-to-find ingredients to make effective skincare products.

The title is slightly misleading, so don’t expect 100 skincare recipes, there are quite a few beauty (bath, lip, body) products in here as well. The author is Jessica Ress, she is the chief formulator, founder, and CEO at Angel Face Botanicals.

Pure Skin Care: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Skin & Natural Beauty by Stephanie L. Tourles

In Pure Skin Care, best-selling author and long-time formulator of natural products Stephanie L. Tourles shares her 78 all-time favorite recipes for facial cleansers and scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and steams, along with creams, balms, and exfoliants for the entire body.

This DIY skincare recipe book also lists a guide of which recipes are best for each skin type which is a lovely addition! Many DIY guides don’t advise what type of skin would benefit from the recipes listed. This is available in Kindle format and a spiralbound edition.

101 DIY Face Masks: Fun, Healthy, All-Natural Sheet Masks for Every Skin Type by Jennifer McCartney

If DIY face masks are your jam then this is the skincare book for you! Face masks are always my go-to when I’m feeling crafty (cooky? it’s basically cooking right?). This is available in Kindle format and paperback.

You can find many easy to make recipes including:

  • Egg White Sheet Mask
  • Coconut Glam Glow Sheet Mask
  • Clarifying Matcha Sheet Mask
  • Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Sheet Mask

Natural Beauty Skin Care: 110 Organic Formulas for a Radiant You! by Deborah Burnes

Co-founder of Sumbody Skin Care, Deborah Burnes is the author of Natural Beauty Skin Care. You can find countless budget-friendly skincare, hair, and beauty recipes like a Honey & Chia Seed Cleanser, Coconut Body Butter, or Argan Oil Shampoo! This is available in Kindle format and paperback.

Homemade Organic Skin & Body Care: Easy DIY Recipes and Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin by Carmen Reeves

Written by holistic health geek Carmen Reeves this DIY skincare and beauty book boasts easy recipes that can be made from ingredients already in your pantry. It is on the slimmer side at 76 pages, but it can be download for free via Kindle unlimited!

This is available in Kindle format and paperback.

Fresh & Pure: Organically Crafted Beauty Balms & Cleansers (Pretty Zen)
by Jules Aron

This volume is jam-packed in simple but powerful DIY recipes! Fresh & Pure has everything from face masks, lotions, cleansers, and hair care recipes.

The Top 11 DIY Skincare Books for Skincare Lovers

There is also a nifty guide detailing the properties of all the ingredients used throughout the book so you can get a good grasp of the benefits of the products you’re creating. I especially found the section on different oils helpful. It’s hard to keep track of what oil gives what benefit and is best for what skin type. I know they all run together in my mind after learning about so many!

The cover design is also just drop-dead gorgeous. I’ve checked this out from my library a few times now, I really need to get my hands on a copy so it can just sit and be gorgeous on my bookcase. This is available in Kindle format and hardback. Read my full review on this nifty guide here!

A DIY Guide to Therapeutic Body and Skin Care Recipes: Homemade Body Lotions, Skin Creams, Whipped Butters, and Herbal Balms and Salves by Alynda Carroll

That was a challenge to type out, with a title this long, this DIY skincare book better be pretty damn good! This is jam-packed with recipes on body lotion, skin cream, whipped butters, herbal balms, and salves.

A word to the wise, this author has included essential oils in almost every recipe. If you leave the oils out these are still awesome recipes. I have a full article on why essential oils should be left out of your skincare, I highly recommend that you read it before starting your DIY skincare journey! This is available in Kindle format and paperback.

200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty by Shannon Buck

This insanely detailed DIY skincare book shows you how to make your own skin creams, hair products, and perfume blends using essential oils. It has step-by-step photos that make each recipe super simple to complete.

The author Shannon Buck started her DIY beauty journey over at Fresh-Picked Beauty. She posts free DIY skincare recipes all the time so I highly recommend that you check out her website before buying the book for some extra intel on her style of DIY skincare recipes. Her coconut milk bath soak recipe looks heavenly!

Make Your Own Beauty Masks: 38 Simple, All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Skin Hardcover

This DIY beauty mask recipe guide actually comes with 10 ready to use sheet masks to use while working your way through the recipes! I thought that was a really lovely touch + the floral printed sheet masks are adorable.

The entire guide has super cute illustrations to walk you through each recipe, this would be a lovely gift for any young skincare lover in your life!

The Top 11 DIY Skincare Books for Skincare Lovers

If you need to satisfy that DIY skincare urge right now go read my DIY face masks that actually work guide here!

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