TonyMoly Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick

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 This adorable little guy is the Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick from the Korean beauty brand TonyMoly. To be totally honest, I purely bought this for the cute octopus packaging, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love the product!

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 From the brand:

 Extract blackheads and whiteheads with our adorable, speedy scrub stick! Formulated with cellulose beads, the black mud balm effectively removes excess sebum and gently exfoliates pores to pull out blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities so skin looks and feels cleaner, smoother, and more refined.
Tako Pore Scrub
I bought this in person at Ulta for $12.50, but TonyMoly also has this listed for the same price on  Amazon w/free shipping and their own website with free shipping on orders over $50.
I had to rub it around on the back of my hand to expose the gritty beads before using it. I’ve used it a few nights over the past week; it’s left my skin noticeably clearer and softer after just a few days! It’s got a faint charcoal scent and rinses off easily once you’ve finished scrubbing.
I do wish there was more product, there are only ten grams for $12.50; there’s not much bang for your buck going on here. On the other hand, the stick hasn’t visibly worn down after 5+ uses.
Tako Pore Scrub

Is this a product you’d like to try out? Or have you already played around with it? Let me know!

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