Thoughts on Orycon(37)

Hello Lovelies!

Usually after attending a convention I’ll post a big picture dump here on the blog, and I went to look at the pictures I took at Orycon37 last weekend, and realized that I took literally two pictures for the entire weekend.
This was my second Orycon, and now that I’ve gone to quite a few cons around the state (and Washington), I’ve realized that Orycon is one of my favorites.
It’s not the smallest con I’ve been to, but they are hardly any cosplayers to be found, compared to other cons. A lot of steampunk, SCA costumers, and historical/medieval. I probably only saw six or seven cosplayers throughout the hotel. I met this lovely lady in a panel on sewing with tricky fabrics, and she had sewn her entire outfit, complete with train printed skirt, and had made this neat hat with a train track going ’round the brim and little bushes dotting the “hillside”. She had even made earrings with tiny train dangles.

I went to a couple crafting workshop panels as well, a make a golden snitch, and ears for wigs. That’s another thing that I enjoy about Orycon, since it’s a slower paced, less busy space, you can actually spend time in the workshops and not feel rushed through.

They had a lot of great panels on sewing and I learned a lot of greats tips this year! For such a small con it’s surprising how many panels they had going, at least four every hour. They had a hospitality room downstairs on a lower level with free snacks and drinks for con goers, which I personally really appreciated, especially since it was super windy and raining all weekend and it would’ve been miserable to walk through Portland to get some food.
I think Orycon will always be my favorite con to come back to, it’s nice to have fun at the con space and go to panels without the hustle and bustle of a bigger con like Kumori. Although Kumoricon was a blast, I’m always drained for a couple days afterward. I’m definitely looking forward to next year!

See you later~

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