Thoughts on Lush Metamorphosis

Hello Lovelies!

I want to share some of my thoughts on my latest bath bomb experiment, today I’m trying the Lush Metamorphosis bath bomb!

I’ve also included a short video demo so you can see the bomb in action. I’m terrible at describing scents, so I’m going to let you read the official description from Lush’s site: 

A symphony of darkness and light, this fizzer will release comforting, tranquil aromas of black pepper and myrrh to cleanse and uplift your soul. Release into warm water, and as the harsh grey exterior of city life fizzes away, a rhapsody of orange, pink, yellow and green burst to life. Sink deep, breathe in its warm, spicy scent and emerge from the tub a whole new you. 


To be completely honest, I was really disappointed with this bomb compared to the others I have tried in the past. It fully disintegrated within two minutes, and it was more on the fizzy side of the spectrum than the foamy.

It did leave the water a lovely sienna shade and I enjoyed the spicy pepper scent. The scent was noticeably lighter than Lush’s usual repertoire; their bombs tend to be pretty potent.

Have you tried this bomb? If not, what’s your favorite? I’m always open to new suggestions!

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