The top 7 polishes I would buy just for the amazing bottle

Morning all!

Unusual packaging has always been my greatest weakness, I’ve bought quite a few makeup products that turned out to be horrible quality and almost unusable, but I’ve kept them because I can’t bear to throw out the cute bottles.

Nail polish isn’t usually such a risky business, I very rarely encounter a polish that I’m not able to use, now I just need to start a polish savings account so I can add some of these lovelies to my hoard!

1. Anna Sui

These remind me of vintage avon perfume bottles~

2. Anna Siu (but in cute dress form!)

3. Megan Miller Collection

4. Nfu Oh

5. Bootie Babe

these polishes also have punny names, one that stood out was “Killer Keister:

6. Blackheart Beauty

I have a couple of these, but I wouldn’t pass up more!

8. PeriPera

What brands make your heart pitter patt but your piggy bank cry?

Pop over again sometime~

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