The tale of my seven dollar polish cabinet

Morning everyone!

I’ve been storing my polish hoard in stackable flat plastic boxes for the past year, and it has gotten pretty out of hand, the boxes are way too heavy to move around so I’d been ignoring all my shimmers for ages because they’re on the bottom (I have my hoard sorted by finish, creme, shimmer, crelly, etc.)
Then I also ran out of room for new bottles, so polish was just laying unsorted on the top, and it was just a big mess.

I was perusing the Goodwill bins, and of course I snagged some cute clothes per usual, but then I spied this beauty hiding in the furniture section. For seven dollars!
There’s a ‘lil hole hiding in the back which explains the pricetag, but since it’s facing the wall, that doesn’t bother me a bit. And there’s still a whole door to fill with more glittery polish! The boxes on top are holding all my stamping plates and nail art brushes.
Having everything sorted out and being able to see all the polish lined up is awesome, if I can’t see polishes I end up not using them unless I need that specific color for a weird design, so this will definitely help me make good use of my extensive hoard.

Pop by again sometime!

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