The number #1 BB cream for under five bucks!

Good morning lovelies!

I’ve come to have a new appreciation of BB creams, I love that it can look like I actually spent time putting on foundation when in reality it takes me about 20 seconds to smear it on with my fingers, and I’m out the door.
Or for days when my skin is acting up and looks dreadful but I don’t want to irritate it with a full face of makeup, this is a great remedy! And plus the almost three dollar price tag is amazing~

It’s actually berry scented which is kinda strange, but the awesome coverage and moisturizing aspect of this formula makes up for that. This is shade #2, it’s very light, and easy to thin out/build up.
I found this awesome BB cream on Born Pretty’s site here,  and this code is good for 10% off anything on Born Pretty: ALBK31

Pop over again sometime!

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