Spooky Eyes Blue Shimmer Colored Contact Lenses

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve always been interested in trying out circle lenses and colored contacts for cosplay, so I was very excited when Spooky Eyes sent me a set for review. I picked out the Blue Shimmer lenses, since my favorite cosplay right now is Nyo!America, and she has blue peepers. These lenses didn’t completely cover my irises so my natural hazel color peeks out, but if you’re not totally zoomed in on my eyes, I think it blends in nicely. They definitely made my eyes look huge! I can’t wait to use them at the next cosplay meet I attend. Spooky Eyes has a some pretty crazy styles and colors, I thought these were gorgeous!

They’re a bit darker than the picture on the product page here, but still definitely blue. Since this was my first time using contacts I didn’t want to tangle with eye makeup, but I think these will look even more amazing once I add my usual winged eyeliner and shadow.

See you later!

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