Skincare Tracker: Free Printable Planner

Free Skincare Tracker Planner Template

I created this skincare tracker to perfect my skincare routine and keep track of how long I’ve been using each product. It also really helps to narrow down what products are helping your skin and which need to hit the road!

The first step in creating a stellar skincare routine is to keep track of when and what products you are using! I can be a complete airhead at times (I’ve forgotten to exfoliate for over a week), so this skincare planner helps me toe the line and stay consistent with my skincare habits.

Skincare Routine Tracker Template

Sign up below to have a free PDF of my skincare routine journal template emailed to you! This is a weekly tracker that has room for all of your AM and PM skincare routine products.

I’ve also included some space for notes so you can document any extra information you want to save during the week. For example, you can jot down vitamins you’re taking that week, how much water you’re drinking daily, or any other health factors you want to track.

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Free Skincare Tracker 

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I’ve laid out sections for my AM routine, PM routine, and lastly for skincare products that I use both day and night. Just fill out your current products and start filling in bubbles each day!

Free Skincare Tracker Journal Template

Why Should You Keep a Skincare Routine Tracker?

Tracking your skincare routine is an easy way to figure out which products are making a difference in your skin appearance and which are bogging you down.

If you write skincare reviews it also makes it simple to go back and see just how long you’ve been using a specific product. Serums typically take 4-6 weeks to start showing results. It can be easy to give up on a product because it doesn’t seem to working and it seems like you’ve been slathering it on for ages when it’s actually only been 2-3 weeks.

This is also a great way to track supplements and vitamins. If you experience breakouts during the week I recommend highlighting those days on your tracker. This will help pinpoint the cause if a product or vitamin is to blame.

Free Skincare Planner Printable Template
Free Skincare Tracker Planner Template

Need help figuring out how to start a skincare routine from scratch? Take our skincare routine quiz for personalized recommendations!

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