Ulta & Sephora 2019 Birthday Gifts

Ulta and Sephora both have no purchase necessary reward programs that give freebies during your birthday month. Here are the 2019 Sephora birthday gifts and Ulta birthday gift up for grabs this year!

2019 Sephora Birthday Gift Set

What do Sephora and Ulta offer as birthday gifts?

Ulta is now offering a different product for each month of the year. In the past, they only had one option for the whole year! So far they have revealed each month’s gift up until June. They have been releasing new information on the birthday freebies every quarter. Sephora offers two different mini luxury brand samplers to choose from.

What’s the Ulta 2019 Birthday Gift?

Ulta first offering for the year in January is two pans of Ulta brand eyeshadow. I’m definitely jealous of basically every other month shown here. I actually didn’t bother picking up my Ulta Beauty Eye Shadow freebie because I’m not a huge fan of their shadows. I’ve had repeat unpleasant experiences with their eyeshadows. They tend to be chalky, unpigmented, and just feel on the cheap side. I’m a little salty that February and March have brands like IT Cosmetics and N.Y.X but us January peeps are stuck with a dinky eyeshadow…. Although I have heard you can ask a sales associate if there are leftover gifts from previous birthday months.

I’m surprised that the price point for each month hasn’t been kept evener. For instance, the January Ulta Eyeshadow retails for $8.50 but then the April Tarte Lip Paint comes in at $20.00?

I’ve put together a slideshow of each month’s gift, click through to see what you could get gifted for your birthday!

Ulta emails a voucher to pick up the gift that you will need to show in store, this is usually sent the day after your birthday. You have 30 days to use the coupon. If you don’t get your email you can get in touch with Ulta Customer Service (866- 983-8582) to have it re-sent. I’ve had issues with missing emails in the past and their Customer Service line came in very handy!

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What is the 2019 Sephora Birthday Gift?

2019 Sephora Birthday Gift

There are a couple of different choices depending on the tier of their Beauty Insider program for the Sephora 2019 birthday gift. For the entry tier (that’d be me), we have two choices. Firstly, is a Kat Von D mini set which includes a Studded Kiss Crème Trio, Lock-It Setting Powder, and the infamous Tattoo liner in Trooper Black.

The second choice is a mini Drunk Elephant set which includes their Protini Polypeptide Cream & Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser. This was a hard decision for me because I’ve fallen hard into the world of skincare in this last year; I would go through the cleanser and cream so quickly! I first ended up with the Kat Von D set since I might actually purchase these products someday. That decision didn’t much matter in the end because then I ended up also snagging the Drunken Elephant set because my mother is an enabler and lets me exploit her Sephora account as well!

This mini set is a great way to test out some spendy skincare products before pulling the trigger and buying full-size bottles!

The 2018 Sephora Birthday Gifts were also something I looked forward to; I picked up this Bite Beauty lippie set that I reviewed here.

Is the Ulta or Sephora birthday gift better?

I unfortunately usually get the short end of the stick with Ulta with the January birthday gift so I personally prefer the 2019 Sephora Birthday Gift selection. But depending on your birthday month Ulta might be better for you! If you want to see some ancient birthday gifts you can check out my review of the 2016 Ulta and Sephora offerings here.

I haven’t tracked down any other stores that offer worthwhile freebies for your birthday (yet). Most offers I see are purchase required. I’d love to hear of any freebies or bargains you know of!

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