Retro minty chrome nails

Hello Lovelies!

The chrome polish I used for these nails is one of my favorite silver polishes, it’s opaque in one coat, great for stamping, and ridiculously shiny. But it came from a set of generic unnamed polishes from the dollar tree that I haven’t seen since, and it’s a mini bottle so I use it pretty sparingly. Do any of you lovelies know of a polish similar to this one?
I went with some retro 50’s inspired nails today, I painted just the tops of my nails with the chrome polish, and then filled in the rest with RGB Minty, it’s a seafoam green creme polish that’s almost a one coater, but not quite.

I added some dots with black acrylic paint and outlined the edge between the chrome and mint polishes. I waited until the dots were completely dry to topcoat, acrylic paint tends to smear if it’s wet.

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