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I’ve never really understood the whole eyebrows on fleek craze, and I only very recently starting using eyebrow products, if I’m feeling fancy I’ll use my e.l.f eyebrow kit (usually only if I’m cosplaying), and that’s it. And I only started using that maybe a year ago.
But I can get behind skin and hair care, and today’s post is on Green Touch Beauty’s Perfect Brows Tinted Styling Balm, which is almost like a hair mask for your brows! They sent me this to try out and review, and although it says you won’t see any new growth or results before two months of use, I wanted to write out a first impressions post.

It’s grapefruit and cocoa scented, and the balm looks chocolate brown in the pot, but it’s actually barely tinted at all, the color doesn’t show up in my brows one lick. When I saw the brush that came with it I was sure that I wouldn’t be using it since it’s so fluffy and wouldn’t give me any control or ability to apply the balm precisely. But since I don’t have to worry about using excess balm or going outside my brows since it’s not colored at all, I will be using it after all.
The balm came with a little pamphlet that explains how to use it and what’s in the balm, I was surprised to see black pepper essential oil in there, never seen that in a product before! It has some other lovely ingrediants as well, cocoa and mango butter, coconut oil, vitamin E & A, beeswax, and all sorts of other great stuff for hair. I’ll add an update to this post after I’ve used it longer to tell you guys if and how it’s improved my brows.

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