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Pastel Louboutin tips

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve taken ages to get around to trying these nails out, and I was reminded of them when I heard about the new Louboutin polishes that recently came out. I snagged Essie ballet slippers at Big Lots for a buck, and since I’ve been itching to use it, I went with pastel shades for today’s mani.

Looks pretty boring right? Well there’s a pop of color on the underside! I used Pure Ice home run for the undersides, and since I have pretty long nails I just free-handed it straight onto the nail. I had looked around for a tutorial on these since I couldn’t figure out how to do them without making a ginormous mess, but I couldn’t find anyone who did them on natural nails! I tried to be as careful as possible while applying polish on the underside, but still ended up with quite a bit of cleanup.
I think the trick is cleaning up while the polish is still wet, and use a stiff brush so you don’t accidentally hit the nail itself and smudge the paint.

The glitter I used is Revlon whimsical, it’s a pink, blue, and purple hex glitter in a milky blue base, and it tinted ballet slippers very nicely.
I applied topcoat to the underside of my nails as well, and wore these for a week with no wear which totally surprised me.

Thanks for reading!

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