Pastel knitted stripes & BPS review

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve actually never gotten around to using sticker decals like these before if you’d believe it! I was sent a pack of these decals from BPS to review, and I had a bit of trial and error with them. The little pack came with two long strips, and then a set of “nail shaped” stickers, the kind you’d use for a full mani. The regular stickers were way too thin for my nails, the stickers meant for the ring, index, and middle fingers were just barely big enough for my pinkie nail.
I got creative and cut the two long strips into pieces just big enough for my nails, and came up with this design!

I started with a base of Maybelline Color Show Cool Canary with a thin coat of L.A Colors Color Craze Speckled. Speckled has a very unique mix of matte glitters that defy definition, so here’s a bottle shot!

After letting my base dry completely I applied the stickers, they smoothed out very nicely without any fuss. I wore these nails for around five days, and the stickers never lifted or moved out of place! Here’s their product page if ya wanna check them out, and if you ever order anything from Born Pretty, this code is good for 10% off your order: ALBK31

See you later!

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