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Wilhelm Portland Mausoleum

Hello there!I spent this Memorial Day weekend wandering the halls of the Wilhelm Mausoleum located in Portland, OR.The building is only open to the public once a year on Memorial Day. I missed my chance last year since I vacationing in Hawaii, I’m very glad I didn’t […]

Is Dollar Shave Club worth the money or is it just hoopla?

Is Dollar Shave Club worth the money or is it just hoopla?

  Hi there! I’ve vowed to stop wasting money on expensive razors exclusively marketed toward women that don’t last and single-use disposables that feel terrible and wreak havoc on my poor skin. Summer is rolling around, and with summer comes the inevitable trips to the beach […]

Masqueology Hyaluronic Rubber Peel Off Mask

Hello Lovelies!

I splurged and snagged a few beauty goodies at the store the other day; the first one I tried out of the batch is a Masqueology Hylaronic Modeling Peel Off Mask.

The package is actually built to expand into a “cup” once you rip it open, and then hiding inside the pouch is a measuring cup for water plus a mixing spatula. It seemed like waaaay too much product for one round of face mask pampering so I did not follow the suggested route; I dumped half of the powder into a mixing bowl and cut the recipe in half.

It seems like mixing this up inside such a skinny pouch would be a pain in the neck. Even if you are planning on using the whole thing in one pop, I still think you’d be better off using a separate bowl.

The mixture started to set almost immediately after incorporating the water, I had to move pretty quickly to get it satisfactorily smeared on my face before it became rubbery. I ended up looking like a smurf dipped in melted chocolate, but it was worth it in my book!

This is by no means moisturizing like the packaging claims, but it seemed to tighten my pores nicely without leaving my skin feeling like a desert. I hate the tight dusty feeling most mud masks leave behind. I snagged this at Walmart for $2.50, and considering I’ll get two masks out of one package that’s a great deal!

Do you have a go-to face mask? Mud, peel off, or moisturizing? I’d love to hear down in the comments!

Thoughts on Lush Metamorphosis

Hello Lovelies! I want to share some of my thoughts on my latest bath bomb experiment, today I’m trying the Lush Metamorphosis bath bomb! I’ve also included a short video demo so you can see the bomb in action. I’m terrible at describing scents, so I’m […]

Little Black Lace Dress

Hello Lovelies! I was looking for any excuse to snap some shots of my gorgeous new room divider, and showcasing a little black dress is a good of an excuse as any! I snatched this divider up at a Goodwill for $15.00; it needs a […]

Tarte Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Palette Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies!
I splurged and got the Tarte Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Palette! This was a huge case of being captivated by pretty packaging, but the shades are gorgeous as well, so I don’t feel too guilty.

This had 14 shades in all, 10 luster finishes, 1 lonely duo-chrome, and 3 matte shades. It comes in a clam shell case that has a surprising amount of heft. The outside is cased in embroidered duo-chrome faux leather that shifts from violet to teal.
Tarte Be A Mermaid Make Waves
Tarte Be A Mermaid Make Waves
Tarte had a mini sale going on so I snagged this mermaid tail eyelash curler as well. The oversized tail shape is actually easier to use than a standard curler and super comfy to hold! The curler came with a deluxe mini of Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, I can’t say I’m too impressed by it. 
It gives the same length and volume from my drugstore mascara so I won’t be re-purchasing. I mainly got this set for the nifty curler anyway~

Tarte Be A Mermaid Make Waves

Swatches Be A Mermaid Make Waves

Would you believe me if I said it took longer to type out each eyeshadow’s name than it took to actually swatch each one? It’s true! These are all one swipe of pigment with just my fingertip, each one is super pigmented, creamy, and blends like a dream.

You can see an eye-look I put together with the palette here on my Insta. The box the palette came in is also gorgeous as if the packaging wasn’t enough.

Tarte Be A Mermaid Make Waves
Before I bit the bullet and purchased this, I was read a ton of reviews and kept seeing people say this palette was a letdown due to the neutral shades. I’m glad Tarte stuck with warm earthy tones, because if I’m spending this much on a palette I’d like to be able to incorporate it into my everyday work makeup. I don’t quite feel like wearing lime green or neon purple every day, even if those would be more “authentic” mermaid shades haha.

Tarte Be A Mermaid Make Waves

What’s your favorite shade from the palette? Do you like the shades or do you think Tarte should have gone with more neon “mermaid” colors?

DIY Candle Jar Makeup Brush Organizer

Hello Lovelies! This week hasn’t been as productive as I hoped… I had planned to get so much done, but life came and nipped that in the bud real quick! I did finish one tiny project in spite of all the drama! I bought this […]

Seaside Daytrip

Hello Lovelies! Things are really warming up here in Oregon! I’m down to walk the beach in any weather, but this weekend was the perfect storm of a extremely low tide, sunny skies, and almost zero wind! I love our beaches, but strong winds usually cut […]

Tale of the Sun God Pyramid

Hello Lovelies!

Back in March, I found a curious little candle on a thrifting trip in Portland. It’s from a now-defunct company, The Treasure Candle Inc. I wasn’t able to glean much from my internet sleuthing, the company was based in Hollywood and sold these candles around the late 80’s-90’s, and that’s all I could find! I even tried searching the Sun God myth that came tucked under the candle, but no dice.

It took quite a few hours to burn down low enough to fish out the hidden treasures, and I’d like to show you what was inside!

This candle was surprisingly stubborn, it survived over thirty hours before burning out the wick. I fished out four trinkets in all. A green agate emerged first, followed by a silver angel, then an elephant carved from a dark stone, and finally a clear crystal gem.

I fished all of the trinkets out within the first 5 hours of the candle being lit. I was expecting to find more, it was disappointing to realize everything was suspended in the wax near the top of the candle.

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for another treasure candle, I had a lot of fun with it! 

Hedgehog Shopping List

Hello Lovelies! If you’ve ever visited my Insta page, you would know I’m a tad infatuated with anything hedgehog related. If I had unlimited funds, and no guilt with wasting money on frivolous purchases, this would be my hedgie merch shopping list: . ..Are there any […]