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OMD2 stripy skittles

Hello Lovelies!

It’s day 23 of the OMD2 challenge and today’s theme is negative space! I recently bought some striping tape and this is my first time using it, I made the mistake of using a fast drying polish so my lines aren’t quite as crisp as I hoped they would be, but I’m still pretty happy with these!

I couldn’t decide what design I wanted to go with, so I ended up doing a skittle mani, I used Color Mates nail art black and an unnamed RueBeaute! layer polish for this, after removing the striping tape I finished off with a coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine clear nail protector. Nailside has a ton of tutorials for nail art with striping time, I might give some of those a try in the near future!

Thanks for reading!

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