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OMD2 somewhere over the rainbow

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s theme in the OMD2 challenge is rainbow! I took inspiration from these nails by Dani’s Manis, she has an amazing nail art blog, you should really give it a look!

I started with two coats of Black Heart Beauty holo lv stck, I bought it from Hot Topic of all places and it surprised me by turning out to be a fantastic polish! It’s a dark gray super creamy polish with mini and hex silver glitter all throughout it.
I filled in where I wanted the drips to be with white acrylic paint first so the colors would really pop and then I went over that with a bunch of nail art polishes, I let my lines get sloppy so the colors would meld a bit more, and I really like how it turned out! I just outlined the drips in black and gave it a nice top coat to finish it off.

Polishes I used:

Wet n Wild wild shine clear nail protector,
Black Heart Beauty holo lv stck,
Color Mates nail art lime, teal, bold yellow, hot pink, tangerine, black,
L.A colors art deco magenta,
white acrylic paint,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!

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