NYC Strip Me Off Peel Off Base Coat Review

Hello Lovelies!

I was finally able to get my hands on NCY’s peel off base coat! I’ve been seeing it all over the European beauty blogs for at least a year, and couldn’t wait for it to hit the states. It’s been in the states awhile, but I only just found it in my local walmart a couple days ago.
I tried it out with a couple different types of polishes, and I found that it works the best with thicker layers of polish. It does work with cremes, but since the polish is so thin, when you peel it off it comes off in little flakes instead of one piece. It does a bit better with shimmers like this polish, but not much.
It does great with thick layers of polish, I used it on a glitter sandwich and I was able to peel off each nail in one piece. I haven’t tried doing a 100% glitter nail, but I’m pretty sure it would work beautifully.

The one downside is it takes quite a while to dry, ten minutes at least. So I’ll use it for glitter manis that’d be a pain to take off with normal polish remover, but I wouldn’t use it with cremes or shimmers, because it’d be faster to just take them off the traditional way. But this would be nice for taking on vacations so you can switch your polish without having to break out the remover and cottonballs.
It doesn’t have a smell, and I’ve heard that it’s basically just elmers glue in a nail polish bottle, but honestly I’ll spend the two bucks to have it in a bottle and premixed. I’ve never been able to get my glue and water ratio down, so I think I’ll stick to this just because I’m lazy, haha.


Thanks for visiting with me! Have you ever tried out a peel off base coat before? Or do you prefer using regular polish remover?

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