Nibbled nails can grow into ladyfingers

Good morning lovelies!

Nothing makes me happier than a good garage/barn/yard/moving/estate sale, and finding vintage nail polish is the icing on top! I found an old Revlon Wonder Nail from the 60’s, Revlon in Wine With Everything, and a brand I’ve never seen before, Parfait Sabled Red.
After a bit of googling I found this curious advert for Wonder Nail, those little nail confidence boosters gave me a laugh, especially “nibbled nails can grow into ladyfingers”.

I swatched up Parfait Sabled Red, it was a little funky from sitting so long, even after a thorough shake. It had some weird chunks of pigment that refused to melt back in, so application was a bit fussy to say the least. It’s a very pretty red though! Have any of you lovelies heard of the brand Parfait before? I googled high and low and couldn’t come up with any dirt on it.

Pop over again tomorrow!

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