Nails for my grandma

Hello Lovelies

Tranquility is today’s theme, and I felt like that was the little nudge I needed to write this post. My great grandma passed away the 14th, she always liked to hold up my nails to see what new strange thing I’d painted on them, so I wanted to do some nails for her. And since tranquility can also mean being at peace, I felt like this worked pretty well.

Whenever I went out shopping with her we would go to her favorite coffee place, Dutch Brothers, to get mochas. So I painted the little windmill and tulips from their logo on my thumb and pinkie. And pretty much every Thanksgiving she made her special banana creme pie, so I painted a little cartoony one on my index finger. And finally spreading across my middle and ring finger, I painted a necklace, she loved chunky glittery necklaces like that.

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