Miss A Makeup Haul & Review

Hello Lovelies!

I finally got around to placing an order on Miss A’s website, since I got a few different things I decided to split this up into a short series of reviews to tell you lovelies what I thought of each one.
I was surprised that my order came in an plastic bag instead of a box, but it was actually bubble wrapped to death inside the bag, and then inside the bubble wrap was a foam envelope encasing another plastic bag, so they didn’t skimp out at all! It took less than two weeks to arrive from the shipment date.



The first thing I tried was the Kleancolor Lash Bow Tux Waterproof Mascara, shown below is one coat on my lashes. This has a dry formula, almost no clumps at all and gave me some nice length. Something that struck me as strange is that it’s scented? It has a fruity kinda floral scent, I’ve never heard of scented mascara before.
But it held up nicely through the day, no flaking or fallout.

Secondly I tested the Beauty Treats Purrrfect Pout Lipstick in Frisky (#6). The only reason I got this was the cute packaging, (pic is at the top of the post), and I wasn’t expecting much. This is an alright lipstick, I had to go over my lips twice to get it opaque, and it had a way stronger shimmer than I was expecting. I’m not a huge fan of shimmers so I probably won’t use it that much, but like I said I mostly got it for the cute tube.

See you later~

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