Masqueology Hyaluronic Rubber Peel Off Mask

Hello Lovelies!

I splurged and snagged a few beauty goodies at the store the other day; the first one I tried out of the batch is a Masqueology Hylaronic Modeling Peel Off Mask.

The package is actually built to expand into a “cup” once you rip it open, and then hiding inside the pouch is a measuring cup for water plus a mixing spatula. It seemed like waaaay too much product for one round of face mask pampering so I did not follow the suggested route; I dumped half of the powder into a mixing bowl and cut the recipe in half.

It seems like mixing this up inside such a skinny pouch would be a pain in the neck. Even if you are planning on using the whole thing in one pop, I still think you’d be better off using a separate bowl.

The mixture started to set almost immediately after incorporating the water, I had to move pretty quickly to get it satisfactorily smeared on my face before it became rubbery. I ended up looking like a smurf dipped in melted chocolate, but it was worth it in my book!

This is by no means moisturizing like the packaging claims, but it seemed to tighten my pores nicely without leaving my skin feeling like a desert. I hate the tight dusty feeling most mud masks leave behind. I snagged this at Walmart for $2.50, and considering I’ll get two masks out of one package that’s a great deal!

Do you have a go-to face mask? Mud, peel off, or moisturizing? I’d love to hear down in the comments!

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