Magnetic Face Mask by Youthful Naturals

Magnetic Face Mask

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I missed out on trying a magnetic face mask during the initial craze that dominated our Instagram feeds a year or two ago, and to be honest, I had forgotten that they even existed!

A few weeks back, I had a video appear on my feed showing one of these nifty masks in action which made me curious to see if the price has gone down along with the popularity. I found a mask by Youthful Naturals on Amazon for under $15.00 which seemed like a good deal. I remember seeing $40.00+ masks for sale when these first started becoming available.

The packaging setup was surprisingly lush, the mask was cushioned in custom formed velvet encased foam. You won’t ever have to worry about damage in transit with this company!

Magnetic Face Mask

Trying Out The Mask

It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling of having a magnet pull this mud mask off of your skin, the closest I think of is when you have the hair on the back of your arm stand up from static electricity.

The pull of the magnet is strong enough that if you don’t cover it with plastic before use you’ll be in for some trouble when you get around to cleaning the mask off. I used a tiny bit of plastic wrap to cover the magnet to make clean up easier.

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Removing The Mask

After removing the magnetic portion of this formula, there was still a scant portion of product left. A quick rinse took care of the leftovers and left my skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturized.

And hey, this is a great opportunity to transform your beauty routine into a mini science project for the kiddos! You can take some time for self-care, and they get to see magnetism in action!

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Have you ever tried a magnetic face mask? What did you think?

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