Lift Bar by Lift Care review

Hello Lovelies!

I’m switching over to skincare on the blog for the day, today I’m reviewing Lift Care’s Lift Bar!
It’s a battery operated 24Kgold plated bar that you can use to massage in serums and facial oils, and it also has two different heads you clip onto the bar.
You twist the bottom of the bar to turn it on and off, that’s also how you pop the batteries in (it does come with a AA battery), you just keep turning the end until it opens up.
The power “button” is pretty finicky, sometimes you have to turn it so far that I worry about the battery cover coming loose. It’s claims to be waterproof but I wouldn’t test that too firmly because of that battery cover.
They do have an awesome customer service team, the two heads were broken in the first package they sent me, and they sent me some replacement ones as soon as I messaged them about the problem.
But it turns out the plastic snaps on the back of the heads are just really flimsy to begin with, so you need to be super careful while snapping them on and off the bar.

I like using the bar to massage in serums after my nightly cleansing routine, it leaves my face feeling lovely and really helps my serums to absorb faster. The brush is also pretty nice but there’s really not much of a difference between using the brush with the bar on and vibrating, and off. I was expecting the bar to have a much stronger vibration with more oomph, but it’s actually very gentle. I was a little puzzled that they used actual pumice for the exfoliation head, I’ve heard of using it on rough skin on your heels, elbows, etc, but never on your face??
It’s too rough for my liking, but if you don’t have sensitive skin and really wanted to thoroughly exfoliate your skin, maybe this would be the thing for you. 
I have mixed feelings about the lift bar, especially considering it’s higher price tag, I was expecting a bit more from it. I was sent this for review by Lift Care, and you can see it’s product page here.

See you later~

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