A Korean Skincare Subscription Box Showdown

What's The Best Korean Skincare Subscription Box? The Ultimate Showdown

The Korean skincare market has some of the best formulas on the market while also staying budget-friendly! Korean skincare subscription boxes take the guesswork out of ordering skincare from foreign websites because it can be a bit intimidating to order from Korean beauty websites for the first time if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Signing up for a Korean skincare subscription box is also a great way to try out new products without breaking the bank. There are endless subscription services available (and I’ve tried quite a few). I’ve broken down each Korean skincare subscription box so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting and how much bang for your buck you’d be getting as well!

What is the best Korean skincare subscription box?

Each of these Korean subscription boxes is either completely skincare themed or the majority of the box is skincare with a few beauty-themed items. Most Korean beauty subscriptions out there are mainly makeup/haircare items. I could only find 9 brands for this roundup; I’m shocked they aren’t more!

Here’s the ultimate breakdown on every Korean skincare subscription box currently available for purchase:

BrandFrequencyWhat you get:Price/ShippingAverage Retail Price of Products Included
Kiyomi Bi-Monthly 5-6 Full Size Items $39.99 $32.75
Bomibox Monthly 8 Full Sized or Deluxe Sample Size $38.99 $50-65
BomiBag Monthly Mix of Samples/Masks $19.99 $21-25
PinkSeoul Bi-Monthly 4 Full Sized Items + 1 Accessory Item $39.95 $40-45
Facetory 7 Lux Monthly 7 Sheet Masks $19.90 $25-29
Facetory Lux Plus Box Quarterly 5-6 Full Size + 5-6 Sheet Masks $49.95 $120-140
Facetory 4-Ever Fresh Monthly 4 Sheet Masks $8.90 $10-12
Mask Maven Monthly 9 Masks $15 + shipping $14-18
nomakenolife Monthly 8-9 Full Sized Products $35 $33-36

Let’s break it down farther!

Kiyomi Korean Skincare Subscription Review

This $39.99 bi-monthly subscription box navigates the Korean Beauty industry, curates and delivers 5-6 full-size products right to your doorstep. 

Your K-Beauty goodies come in an adorable patterned box and are cushioned with paper confetti to ensure they arrive on your doorstep safely and in one piece.

Kiyomi Korean Skincare Subscription Review

This post contains affiliate links; if you snag a deal through my link it will send some spare change my way to keep this slice of the internet up and running.

They also tend to include lesser-known brands so there’s no chance of receiving duplicates of the same product. That’s one unfortunate risk of subscribing to multiple boxes at the same time.

As much as I love brands with cult followings like Etude House and TonyMoly, I would rather discover new brands and unique products like the ones offered in the Kiyomi subscription box. I have a full breakdown of the June 2019 Kiyomi box here!

Side Note: Kiyomi has halted shipments and launched a Kickstarter to raise funding for its subscription service. It appears the number of products and pricing is remaining the same as before but the service will not start shipping again until February 2020.

Bomibox Korean Skincare Subscription Box Review

Bomibox is a $38.99 super cute monthly Korean skincare subscription box that ships out towards the end of every month. Bomibox sadly does not include an insert which is literally my *only* complaint with this subscription service. I love having an insert because it makes it easier to search for products online when you have the details all typed out.

These Korean products don’t always have the ingredients listed in English so that’s another reason I like seeing a detailed insert to supplement the box.

Bomibox Korean Skincare Subscription Box Review

Bomibox offers free shipping to the USA as well as international shipping.

They offer a smaller version of the subscription called Bomibag which comes in at $19.99 but is a mix of deluxe samples and masks (no full size samples here).

If you’re a fan of Korean skincare and would like the chance to try new products every month while saving money you should definitely give Bomibox a go. You can subscribe to Bomibox here!

PinkSeoul Subscription Box Review

Pink Seoul is a 39.95 every other month subscription box. The retail price of the products included match the monthly fee very closely. It’s still a great way to try out new products from different brands, but if you’re looking to snag a deal this is not the box for you.

You get 4 full-sized items + 1 accessory item with free shipping to the U.S.

Facetory 7 Lux, Luxe Plus Box, and 4 Ever Fresh Reviews

Facetory now has three varieties of Korean skincare subscription boxes!

First up is the 7 Lux box. This is a monthly box with 7 different sheet masks for $19.90. The average retail price of the contents of this box ranges from $25-29 so you are getting a great deal while indulging in a monthly selection of new masks to play with. You can subscribe to these boxes here.

7 Lux Korean Subscription Box Review

4 Ever Fresh is a smaller version of the mask pack, you get 4 masks for $8.90 while the retail price of the masks ranges from $10-12. So you’re not getting an amazing deal, but it’s a handy way to get new masks in the mail every month.

Last up is the Luxe Plus Box! This is a more expensive box coming in at $49.95 but you get a whopping $120-145 worth of stuff which is hard to beat.

Luxe Plus is a quarterly box and you get 5-6 full-sized products + 5-6 sheet masks. I have not signed up for this service yet but I plan on subscribing later this month, it looks amazing!

Mask Maven Subscription Box Review

The last of the sheet mask specific Korean skincare subscription boxes is Mask Maven by Beauteque. You get nine masks a month for $15 + shipping fees. Retail value of what you get ranges from $14-18. This isn’t a great bargain considering you have to pay for shipping on top of the monthly fee.

Facetory 4 Ever Fresh Subscription Box Review

It seems that most of the face masks included are basic white cloth sheet masks with the oddball mud mask or specialty printed sheet mask. I personally think the pricing of Mask Maven is too steep and have not subscribed and will not in the future unless they revamp their offerings.

You can frequently find unique single sheet masks for sale on sites like Althea and Amazon for $1-2 bucks and I would rather pick out a set of interesting masks for less money instead of paying for a bland set like this.

nomakenolife Korean Skincare Subscription Box Review

This is a Japanese & Korean monthly beauty (heavy on the skincare items) subscription box that comes in at a tempting $35 a pop.

nomakenolife does not include sample or travel size products, full size only here! You can expect to receive 8-9 products which can include makeup, skincare, and beauty tools. One of the products included in the July box was a packet of blotting sheets and they have included items like makeup sponges and cotton puffs in the past. These are nice additions but not quite as exciting as something like a cleanser or serum, so just something to keep in mind.

nomakenolife Subscription Box Review

What’s the verdict?

What brand has the best Korean skincare subscription box? Out of all the boxes I have tested and researched into Bomibox has risen to the top of the list. You get a ton of new products every month for a decent price and they include smaller brands with unique products. You can subscribe to Bomibox here if you want to indulge in a new box!

A close runner up is the Facetory Lux Plus Box. I’m keeping this box in second place due to the $49.95 price tag which is a tad steep but totally worth the price if you can fit it into your budget. I’m currently subscribed to Lux Plus but it’s my only active subscription because I like to keep some wiggle room in my beauty budget. 😎

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