Kiyomi Subscription Box Review

Kiyomi Subscription Box Review June 2019

Kiyomi Subscription Box Review: June 2019

Korean subscription boxes are my biggest guilty pleasure in the world of skin care! Today I’d like to introduce y’all to one of the newer boxes to launch into the K-Beauty game. Kiyomi Beauty was launched in January 2019. It’s a bi-monthly K-Beauty and skin care subscription box (with a focus on skin care products).

What is Kiyomi Beauty?

Kiyomi Beauty is curated and was founded by the lovely Eliana Cardeno who kindly sent over the June 2019 box to me for review. I’ll let Eliana tell you a bit more about her subscription box: “The Korean Beauty industry prides itself on its multi-step skincare routines, but if you’re new to the K-beauty game, figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming and maintaining this regimen can come at a hefty price, especially for international customers that must pay for both the product and its shipping cost. 

In that way, Kiyomi Beauty is a lifesaver! This bi-monthly subscription box navigates the Korean Beauty industry, curates and delivers 5-6 full-size products right to your doorstep. 

Kiyomi Subscription Box Review June 2019

Kiyomi Beauty was created to help men and women feel empowered about their skincare journey. We curate beauty products geared towards different skin types and lifestyles and help our customers incorporate them into their daily lives by providing tips and educational materials. My company is also a compilation of my own skincare journey, and its evolution through the experimentation and testing of products that were passed down from other generations, recommendations from experts and my own knowledge of the beauty industry as a model. Furthermore, a very important component is my ability to provide our services through a bilingual channel – it was very important for me to involve my heritage and first-learned language to include the Latinx community and women of color both in the U.S and globally and make them a part of the conversation of skin and beauty standards both in Eastern and Western societies.

Our name “Kiyomi,” directly translates to “cute” or “cutie;” and our logo is a symbol often used in South Korea to express love as the fingers make the shape of a heart. We decided that this would be a very appropriate symbol to include in our brand as we want to spread lots of self-love and skincare awareness. ” 

What’s the set up?

Your K-Beauty goodies come in an adorable patterned box and are cushioned with paper confetti to ensure they arrive on your doorstep safely and in one piece.

How often does it ship?How much is it?What do you get?
Bi-Monthly (every other month)$39.995-6 full size items (which includes sheet masks)

Are the products worth it?

I always research into a brand by tallying up the individual products and weighing the total price against the monthly subscription fee before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Kiyomi Beauty passed this test with flying colors! They also tend to include lesser known brands so there’s no chance of receiving duplicates of the same product. That’s one unfortunate risk of subscribing to multiple boxes at the same time.

As much as I love brands with cult followings like Etude House and TonyMoly, I would rather discover new brands and unique products like the ones offered in the Kiyomi subscription box. As you can see from the April/May box below they always include a vast spread of products 🙂

What kind of products come in the Kiyomi box?

Each box comes with 5-6 full-size products or sheet masks. The June/July box came with a full spread of six products:

  • Dr. Smart Aloe Soothing Gel
  • John Farmer Camellia Collagen Moisturizer
  • Duft & Doft Rose Revitalizing Lip Cream
  • skin79 Fresh Garden Mask Aloe
  • MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Mask
  • BlingPoP Healing Foot Mask
Kiyomi Subscription Box Review: Korean Beauty Bling Pop Healing Foot Mask Review

Kiyomi Subscription Box: Yay or Nay?

I won’t be covering each individual item from the box since we’re focusing on the subscription itself rather than on each product, but I did thoroughly enjoy each and every one! Usually, you find at least one dud in a huge box like this but each of the six Korean skin care products was very enjoyable.

The BlingPoP Healing Foot Mask was especially fun to use; I’ve never seen a foot mask included in a monthly K-beauty box before. Kiyomi Beauty has definitely earned the official GirlChickBetty seal of approval!

Have you ever subscribed to a K-Beauty box? I’d love to hear any suggestions for new brands to try out!

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