Kitsune nails with BPS

Hello Lovelies!

I have another Born Pretty review for you today! They sent me a stamping plate, squishy stamper head, and a white stamping polish so I figured I’d bring them all together into one post for you! I actually tried out this combo twice, once with this dark blue creme base, and once with an orange shimmer. I’ll post the orange version soon!
This time around, I started with a base of China Glaze First Mate, then I stamped with plate Y013, this super squishy stamper head, and Temix Stamping Polish #5.
This stamping head is the squishiest I’ve ever had, it’s slightly sticky too, and I didn’t have to do any priming before I dove into stamping. I roll with this one, I tried just presssing straight down, but it’s too squishy for that. It picked up all the details of the image perfectly, and transferred them perfectly too. I’ll be trying this with some of the Bundle Monster plates I haven’t been able to use before because they wouldn’t pick up all the way, fingers crossed it works!

When I used Out The Door, it smeared my beautiful stamping 🙁 I had such crisp lines before, I was really annoyed because I’ve never had Out The Door smear my stamping before.

See you later!

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