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Karen’s Got a Gun nail art

Hello Lovelies!

I’m using an untried today, this is Color Mate’s Karen’s Got a Gun. Honestly, I got this mostly because of the name, but after seeing it on my nails I realized that I don’t have any green polishes anything like this!

This is three coats, Karen’s Got a Gun is a dusty camouflage green creme with a normal dry time. I would’ve only used two coats but I banged my nails on my desk no less than three times so I had to keep going in and touching up things. Do you ever have days where you just keep banging/scraping your nails up on stuff before they dry?

I free-handed some flowery pinwheel things with black acrylic paint, and finished up with Wet n Wild Wild Shine clear nail protector.

Thanks for reading!

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