It’s always tea time here

Hello Lovelies!

Now that we’ve gotten back into our usual drizzly cold days over here in Oregon, my go to remedy is a piping hot cup of tea, lately I’ve been making two or three cups a day, so it’s safe to say I go through tea by the box!
I just got out of a black tea kick, I tend to swing between strong black tea to light mint and herbal teas. WayGood Tea was kind enough to send me their Chamomile Mint blend to try out, and I’ve already had quite a few lovely cups of it!
It’s a pretty simple herbal blend, but the mint and dandelion stand out to me the most, dandelion has always been one of my favorite kinds of tea.

It came in a pretty mint container, and each tea bag was individually wrapped so I won’t have to worry about them getting stale, I’ve had tea before that I let sit in the cupboard too long and it’s not nearly as nice then. It steeps to a pretty pale yellow, I was glad to have an excuse to bring out my glass teapot for the first time in forever for these pictures!

See you later~

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