Is Dollar Shave Club worth the money or is it just hoopla?


Dollar Shave Club Review

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I’ve vowed to stop wasting money on expensive razors exclusively marketed toward women that don’t last and single-use disposables that feel terrible and wreak havoc on my poor skin. Summer is rolling around, and with summer comes the inevitable trips to the beach and river, so I’ve decided now is the time to get this sorted out once and for all!

I saw a Dollar Shave Club banner advertising their latest promo a couple weeks ago; it was $5.00 for the box set above with free shipping. I’ve really been meaning to get a new razor instead of scalping myself with the cheapie disposable ones that have been hiding in my bathroom…

I mainly went in on this set for the razor, I cannot stand the scent of men’s care products, but I figured I could foist off the extra goodies on my boyfriend.

The program is set up to send a new box every month with a fresh set of four razor heads because their mantra is a fresh shave and having the ability to change out your razor head every week.

From a guy’s perspective, I can see how that would be appealing if you were shaving every other day, but I change my razor head twice a month at the most, so I went in and suspended the subscription after my promo box shipped. I will be renewing it in the future, but just not quite yet!

They do still have that five buck deal going on, you can check it out here.

They went a tad overboard with the literature in the welcome box, the flyer was almost as tall as me for Pete’s sake.

But I’m 100% percent willing to overlook the cheesy macho packaging for the razor, it’s actually made of metal and not cheap plastic, has some heft to it and gives a great shave even in tricky areas!

I do wish they sold a scentless shave butter, I love the feel of the sample that came in the welcome box, but it has an insanely strong menthol pine scent that I can’t ignore. This is by far the cheapest set up I have seen, and one of the best razors I have ever used. DSC gets a big thumbs up from me!

Would you ever give DSC a go? Or do you already have a holy grail brand? I’d love to hear about it!

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