How to Start a Skincare Blog on Instagram

How to Start a Skincare Blog on Instagram

So you want to start an Instagram skincare blog? Whether you just want to have fun and play with new skincare, take part in a community that loves reviewing skincare just as much as you do, or to try to make it big in the “skinfluencer” community, you’ve come to the right place!

Instagram has such an enthusiastic and thriving skincare community and my content just feels so “at home” in this space. And I want to help y’all feel at home here too!

How to Start an Instagram Skincare Blog

Nothing against the huge world of jack of all trades beauty bloggers, but I feel like the majority of beauty content is just “Oooh pretty!” or “Look at this packaging!”. In the world of skincare blog reviews, you can really sink your teeth into the product and share your thoughts on the science behind the formulation, show before and afters of your results with a product, and so much more.

Pick a Memorable Username

How to Pick a Skincare Blogger Username

Best case scenario you should try to find a username that is available on all social media platforms or at least the ones available on the platforms you plan on creating accounts for. Most guides will tell you to go for a username with a beauty-themed name with words like skin, beauty, makeup, etc but I have found that this really does not make a difference. This blog’s account is named @girlchickbetty which has nothing whatsoever to do with skincare but I’ve never had issues connecting with new skincare junkies in the insta community.

You do have a slim chance of popping up in search results when people type those generic search terms in, but I personally think it’s better to have a memorable name instead of being the zillionth variation of the username “skincareblog”.

So don’t be afraid to have fun with it! And be sure to pick something you really love so you’re not tempted to change it down the road. If you constantly change your username it’s tough to keep a group of long-time followers.

How to Write an Actually Helpful Insta Skincare Post

If you want to build trust with your audience you need to put in some tough work while reviewing products! Many reviewers will whip together a review after only using a product once when in reality it’s very common for a skincare product to not show visible results until after 4-6 weeks of use.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t ever post first impressions reviews but if you want to pull together a useful guide it’s best to thoroughly test out the product before recommending it or advising your followers to avoid it.

Anatomy of a Great Instagram Skincare Review:

  • Disclose all gifted products/sponsorships at the beginning of the review.
  • What results did you see and how long did you use it?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Would you purchase again?
  • Pros/Cons?
  • Is the packaging practical?

Hashtags for an Instagram Skincare Blog

Hashtags are constantly changing and your Instagram posts can actually be shadowbanned if you constantly use the same group of hashtags in the same order. Basically any action that comes off as automated or unnatural like copying and pasting the same content over and over can cause issues for your account. It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re not using any banned hashtags. These are uber-popular hashtags that have been overrun by spam so Instagram will not display results for them. I was shocked to see that #beautyblogger is a banned hashtag!

There is a 30 hashtag limit per post and I recommend you utilize each and every one! I use this Hashtag Shuffle Tool to randomly select 30 hashtags for each post. Here are some Instagram skincare hashtags to get you started:

#facemask #kbeauty #koreanskincare #skincareroutine #skincareregime 
#skincareblogger #skincarecommunity 

#skincarejunkie #skincarelover 
#skincarediary #skincaregoals 
 #skinsta #skinstagram #skinroutine #affordableskincare #skincareluxury 
#skincarereview #skincarejunkies 

#skincare #skincareaddict 
#skintips #skincaretips #skinfirst

Skincare Post Ideas for Instagram Blogs

Feeling strapped for new post ideas or maybe feel like you’re posting the same boring content over and over? Here are nine ideas to freshen up your feed!

  • Before & after skin results
  • Ingredient list breakdowns
  • Budget-friendly dupes for an expensive skincare favorite
  • Face mask demo
  • Monthly empties roundup
  • AM or PM skincare routine walkthrough
  • Winter, summer, fall, etc skincare routine
  • #texturetuesday is a thriving weekly tag where skincare junkies post closeup texture shots of skincare
  • #skincareshelfie or your skincare vanity setup

Have questions on a topic I missed or want to chat about skincare? Drop a comment below or hit me up on insta @girlchickbetty 🤍🤍🤍

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