In the springtime, the only pretty ring time

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to keep L.A Colors Color Craze Spring Flirt on for a bit longer, so I used it as a base for these cute 3D nail decorations I received from Born Pretty! These are interesting little flowers, they’re not hard plastic, they’re actually rubber! They bend to your nail shape and once you place them on wet polish, they stay in place very nicely.

They came in a little round container, it’s mostly a mix of flowers with a couple bows thrown in. I love the roses, I think the one on the tip of my thumb is pretty cute!
I used a matte topcoat over everything to really seal it on. Plus I think Spring Flirt is even prettier when matte.

Here’s where you can find these on the BPS site, and if you want to get anything, use this code for 10% off! ALBK31

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